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Yes, I finally caved in to the Glossier hype. It’s true. In a moment of weakness after getting a big paycheck, I placed an order for a few of my most sought after items on the Glossier website. I had been lusting after the brand for a while—due in part to their visually attractive image—and finally gave into it.

While I realize the Glossier brand may not be for everyone, I thought I would share with you guys just a few of my thoughts on the few things I’ve tried.


For those of you who don’t know, Glossier is a minimalist beauty start-up that has picked up a lot of attention. Whether you love or hate (or hate to love) the brand, it surely has become a strong name in the beauty community. They market themselves as an every girl’s makeup and skincare brand. Essentially, Glossier is the makeup and skincare brand for those who like no-fuss makeup.


While I wouldn’t say that I necessarily regret purchasing these items, there are definitely some I enjoy more than others. And some that I gave to my sister because they are just not for me.

So, here’s what I got.

With most orders, your products will be sent in their individual packaging and will all be inside the infamous pink bubblewrap zip pouch. The pouch is actually much more substantial than I thought it would be, an unexpected hero.


From left to right: Rose Balm Dotcom, Lip Gloss, Cloud Paint (dusk), Cloud Paint (puff), Haloscope (moonstone), Glossier You


Cloud Paints – $18 individually (2 for $30, set for $55)


100% my favorite product from the brand thus far. They’re just adorable and so so easy to blend out. I bought Puff (a light pink) and Dusk (a neutral-to-warm nude) and both of these shades are exactly what I wanted them to be. The tube is much smaller than I had expected (0.33 fl oz), but that’s not a problem as a little goes a loooong way.

To apply my cloud paints, I will typically just take a small, pea sized amount and distribute that evenly between both of my cheeks. And don’t worry if you don’t place it in the perfect spot initially. The perk of this liquid/cream cheek color is that it blends out effortlessly. There is essentially no way you can screw it up, which is something I always appreciate in a makeup product.

As far as lasting power, I wouldn’t say it knocks it out of the park. Lucky for me, I have a nonchalant attitude towards how long my cheek color lasts and it seems to last at least a few good hours on me.

Grade: A 


Haloscope in Moonstone – $22


When I first drafted this post, I had very different thoughts about this highlighter. This might be the one thing from my order that I actually kind of regret purchasing. I really do like the look and the iridescence (especially on fair skin ladies like myself), but I’m almost certain that after a while this caused me to break out where I don’t normally see problems. Plus, it leaves behind a certain tackiness that I’m not sure I can vibe with.

I may give this another go, and try to apply it differently. Otherwise, I’m not a huge fan of this product and would only recommend it to those with non-problem skin.

Grade: C+


Balmdotcom in Rose – $12 (get a trio for $30) 


It’s really nothing super special, other than the cute packaging and light rose scent which I’m quite fond of. The power of this product is in its simplicity. On the Glossier website, they highlight this specific product as their “cult favorite do-everything skin salve”. While I do like this overall, I don’t think I would repurchase this simple balm that I could get just about anywhere at half the price tag.

Grade: A-


Lip Gloss – $14



Let me be the first to say how much I hate that I love this super simple gloss. I’m sure there are cheaper options somewhere, but I really do adore this particular item. It’s a bit sticky, but that’s fine because it’s also pretty long-wearing for a clear gloss and it makes my lips look like glass. I love wearing this on it’s own, but I’ve also worn it over color to give any lip an ultra glossy finish.

Also, I just have an immense love for the applicator wand. It’s very unique in shape, feel, and it gives a beautiful application.

Grade: A+


Glossier You

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With my order, I also received a small trial size of Glossier’s new signature fragrance, Glossier You. I don’t have too many thoughts on this other than that I don’t really care for it at all. The website describes it as “creamy, sparkling, clean, warm” and while I see what they are getting at, I just didn’t find it particularly special. And I think I lost the vial shortly after taking this photograph. Oh well.

Grade: B-



The Bests: Cloud Paints, Lip Gloss

The Worsts: Haloscope

Sitting down, is this brand worth all the hype? Well, it depends. Out of the very small selection I have used, I wouldn’t say that anything (besides maybe the cloud paints) are products I can’t live without, but they’re cute, fun, and I’m a fan. I do still have the itch to give the Gen G lipsticks, Stretch Concealer, and Wowder a try.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the Glossier brand. What are some of your favorite products? Or if you haven’t tried any of their products before, is there anything you’ve been itching to get your hands on?

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