Trend Watch: Spring/Summer 2018

Hoping (my fingers AND toes are crossed) we have seen the last of winter weather, I have been gathering intel on some hot trends for this spring/summer season. And I’m excited guys. From looking to the runway to street style blogs and social media, I bring you ten of my favorite trends for this season. As you will see, many of them can and will be combined to create the ultimate #look.

Trend #1: Belt Bags




Practical fashion is fashion I can 100% get behind. The belt bag is the perfect solution for concert-goers who want to enjoy their experience without the annoyance of a purse. Festival season, we’re ready for you. I love that this old fashion trend is getting a modern twist and I also love that you can wear it so many different ways.

After accepting that the classic quilted Gucci belt bag can’t be mine, I found a few more affordable options.

Wear it simple | Wear it bold | Wear it festival

Trend #2: Transparent Details



Don’t want to wear your rain jacket because you want people to see your outfit? Girl, there’s a fix for that.

While I can’t imagine these pieces to be particularly comfortable (and definitely not appropriate for the warm, sticky days), I find it bewilderingly cool. It’s a simple idea, but its a big statement.

Vinyl sash belt | Clear tote | Ring belt

Trend #3: Dots ‘n’ Spots



For many reasons, I feel like polka dots are always in season. With so many varieties, big and small, this print is an essential. I already know that this will be my print of choice this spring and summer.

Wear it chic | Wear it short & sweet | Wear it western

Trend #4: Monochrome

Versace Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in Milan



Sticking with one hue is the way to go this season. Whether you want to put a lot of effort in and accentuate the look with different textures and tones, or just wear a matching set (which I’ve found are very easy to find), this trend is one of my favorites.

Extra trendy points if you want to go with a light blue or lilac hue.

Wear it pastel (top/bottoms) | Wear it bold

Trend #5: Pinstriped Suits



Suits are probably the biggest, baddest fashion trend right now. You can fully commit to the whole pantsuit look, or opt for one piece at a time. I’m specifically loving the waistline of those trousers Kaia Gerber is sporting above. Wearing a beautifully tailored suit is such a power move, am I right?

And when it get’s warmer, swap the pants in for some matching shorts or a skirt. Still a power move, but less sweaty.

Wear it light | Wear it dark

Trend #6: Romantic Florals


This trend was particularly inspired by the Zimmermann SS18 show, and I am simply obsessed. Exaggerated sleeves, ruffles for days, your grandmother’s drapes reimagined. I love this collection (see the show here) because it feels so feminine and fresh despite all of the doily-like fabrics. The sleeves on the look above are to die for.

If you need more proof that this is a Hot Look, look no further than the queen herself.


Unfortunately we don’t all have Beyonce’s wardrobe budget, so I rounded up some items with similar elements that are sure to give you that same ultra-feminine, soft look.

Wear it casual |Wear it modest |Wear it flirty

Trend #7: Woven Bags


Pairing a sweet sundress or simple summer outfit with one of these bags adds the cutest touch. These bags, especially the one pictured above, make me feel like I should be having a picnic on the beach or exploring the countryside. This trend is also great because there are so many varieties of textures, shapes, sizes, and colors to reflect your own personal style.

Wear it big | Wear it small | Wear it festive

Trend #8: Button-Down Midis


The classic midi dress. Modest, yet undeniably chic. Pictured above, French It Girl Jeanne Damas wears a midi dress from her own collection and makes it look effortlessly stunning. The pattern and button detail gives it such an easy, elegant vibe. And that’s why I think these button-down midi dresses will be the ultimate spring/summer staple.

 Wear it like Jeanne | Wear it light and breezy

Trend #9: The “Ugly” Sneakers

One of the most highly debated new trends, the ugly dad sneaker, is still on the rise. More and more footwear brands are hopping on the train and creating their own designs, and it’s exciting to see everyone’s take on the trend.


Apart from the lust-worthy Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton designs, I think I am partial to Nike’s design. Pictured above is the Nike Air Max 95, which I can’t seem to stop fawning over. I also prefer the Nike design because it is a little less bulky than the FILA Disruptor II design. The great news is that however you decide to wear this trend, there is no shortage of options on the market right now.

Wear it chunkiest | Wear it less chunky | Wear it colorful

Trend #10: Bold Hues


Powerful women. Bold colors that make a statement. If I could only choose one trend to follow this season, it would be this one.

We’re making big moves this season, ladies.


Wear it solid (x/x) | Wear it color block | Wear it patterned

Well, that’s 10 trends that I’ve been loving. What are some of your favorite trends for this season? Let me know in the comments!

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